TriValley Technology Forum Presents Next Event :

                  Roundtable Discussion - "Liberal Art Meets Technology"

Presentation Pool: (10-15 minutes each, flow to next event if full)

1. Web Site Marketing, Branding, Design, etc... by "sherry"

2. Social/Micro Media Marketing: WeChat Focus by "breeze media"

3. Develop WeChat Applications: tricks, tips & fun by "yue"

4. Art & Technology Behind Ancient Coin Collection "yi"

5. Design Patent (art aspect) vs Utility Patent (tech aspect) by "jew & associates"

6. Apple's Art Approach v.s. Disney's Technology Approach by "old gun"

If you are interested in presenting, send summary to

Time: October 4, 1:30-3:30 PM

Venue: Event Building in Pleasanton (Direction given upon your registration, Notify you change by email if any)

Registration is *NOW OPEN* to public, please send email to with name, profession, interest, etc...

* Teenages are welcome to join the discussion *

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